What We Offer

     Counter Balance Cycles was started around 2007 when I got my first xs 650.  I learned on the xs 650 and learned alot.  I started building a custom bike the way most people start.  Cutting here and cutting there.  Doing what I could overnight and still be able to ride to work in the morning.  


     This turned into getting more and more bikes, and then getting deeper and deeper into building them.  I have learned to do almost all of the work myself, from frame fabrication, to welding, to painting.  I take pride on getting as much done by myself as I can.

About Our Shop

Garage Built Custom Motorcycles, Parts, and Seats

Counter Balance Cycles is a small garage based shop.  I focus on custom upholstery, exhaust systems, intake systems, and shop and riding accessories.  Everything with the Counter Balance Cycles name on it is hand made by me in Providence, RI USA.  

I take pride in what I make, and try to do it with the best quality in mind.  From fully TIG welding a seat pan that no one will every see again, to using the highest quality vinyls and leathers, my work has my name on it and will be the best quality possible.